For many people the no win no cost model is confusing to them.

Naturally, they have never been injured in a medical setting so they don’t know anything about how ours or any other lawyers’ services work.

We will use this time within the article to explain a few things like:

– How no win no cost works

– Why the lawyer receives part of your compensation

– The types of medical claims you can make

– What you can claim for

So if you have suffered as a result of an accident or incident in a medical setting – you might have a claim. We can pass you through to professional medical negligence solicitors in Manchester if you need help seeing if you could win thousands of pounds through a claim.

We would contend that hundreds of accidents are happening every single day where people are choosing not to claim.

This is really unfortunate. If you have suffered in a medical setting – do not be afraid of coming forward to see if you are owed compensation!

One of the key aspects of their service is that you will not be charged any fees upfront.

The only way you will pay us any money is if we win your compensation claim. A percentage of your claim will be payable to us but that is the only time that you will have to give us money.

Also, the percentage that you pay us will be agreed by yourself and us before the venture ever starts so that you are clear on how much could be won.

This means that you can only gain as a result of the damages you have suffered – your bank balance will not also have to suffer and it could gain a lot.

Back before 2013, you would receive 100% of any compensation received.

However, there was a new law created in 2013 that lawyers are entitled to get a percentage of the compensation that we win for you.

Now, this seems unfair as you were the person harmed, but it means that your lawyer now has more reason to win your case than ever.

Certainly lawyers have always tried to win cases but this simply dangles an extra carrot in front of their faces. Assuming you only have one case of negligent damage inflicted to you in life it would be better to win some money rather than £0 of a larger figure.

If you have legal insurance you will still get 100% of your compensation claim. The insurance company will pay for any legal fees accrued and you get to keep your compensation to yourself.

Common types of negligence you can claim for include:

Medical. This kind of negligence is generally when a member of a medical service had a duty of care to protect you. In their negligent actions (where they breached their duty of care) they caused harm to you. The obvious example of this is where a surgeon gets the procedure they are carrying out wrong and harms you. Or a doctor might wrongly prescribe medication to you that harms you. They had a duty of care to get the correct medicine to you but instead they got it wrong and therefore breached their duty.

Care. Care negligence would occur if someone from a care team caused injury to someone they were meant to be looking after. For example, imagine someone with a 24 hour carer. If they had the responsibility of feeding this person, feeding them raw chicken would be negligent. They have a responsibility to keep this person safe.

Dental. Dental negligence occurs when a member of a dental team harms a patient when they had a duty of care to not cause harm to their patient.

There are more examples but this gives you the general overview of the most common types of negligence.

What can you claim for?

When you make a claim these are the kinds of things you are claiming for. The compensation is never for just ‘one thing’ but usually a combination.

The things you can claim for include:

– Medical costs accrued due to the accident. This includes medical costs that occurred as a direct result of the accident as well as ongoing medical support

– Care costs. If you have to pay for additional care after your damages, this would fall under a care cost.

– Travelling cost. Any travelling you had to do as a result of the accident (for example, bus to the hospital, ongoing trips after that) fall under travelling compensation.

– Damages. Any general damages that occurred as a result of the accident can be claimed for. This is a really wide category as it can include physical, mental and emotional damage.

– Loss of money. If your injury meant you could not or cannot earn income, the other party could be liable for this. This could mean money you lost in the first instance of the accident happening (e.g. something broke which cost money) as well as if you had to take time off work and therefore lose income.

For anyone that read last week’s article on AWH expanding their company, we have more details on their new service. Their solicitors have expanded into industrial disease cases now too. The acquisition of the other company means that their task force has massively increased and now they can deal with all sorts of new work. What with negligence cases increasing year after year with the growing population it is no surprise they will be handling more negligence cases. Again, best of luck to them and we hope it goes smoothly. This includes their recruitment phase they are going through to deal with all of the ongoing work. Thank you for reading everyone and you will hear from us again this month! All the best and have a great day.