Medical Claims

Medical claims can be a complicated topic, so we’re going to explain what you can actually claim for through this page.

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What can you claim for?

Many people are not even aware that they can and can’t claim for against the NHS. Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of scenarios that you could conceivably try and sue the NHS for as a result.

Surgical harm – if you’re harmed during surgery, there’s a strong possibility you can claim for medical negligence. People are unfortunate enough to have the wrong surgery performed on them, or carried out on the wrong body part and so on.

Failure of diagnosis – if your medical professional fails to diagnose you with the correct problem, this could lead to serious injury and possibly death. As a result, misdiagnosis is taken very seriously and it’s likely you can claim.

Anaesthesia mistakes – if your medical professional makes an error with anaesthesia you could quite easily be due compensation. As per, it depends on the harm inflicted and the damage to your life as a result, but we have dealt with cases like this before where the client received compensation due to damages.

Incorrectly prescribing – if you are prescribed the wrong treatment or medicine, this is considered out of line with the medical professional’s duty of care, so you could be due compensation.

Failure of monitoring – if you were no longer able to look after yourself and you are in the hands of the NHS and you were harmed through malnourishment, dehydration or failure to correctly monitor your oxygen levels, you could quite easily be harmed. As a result, you could be entitled to compensation.

Infections – if you catch an infection at the fault of the NHS, you can claim medical negligence.

Birthing negligence – you might have faced complications during childbirth. Doctors and midwives have to make quick decisions in these moments and could quite easily be susceptible to mistakes. The team of recommended medical negligence solicitors based in Manchester have won clients millions for damage inflicted to both the mother and the new born baby.

Dental negligence – the NHS consists of more than just doctors. You can get dental work done through the NHS. As a result, you might be able to claim for dental damage if it can be proven that you weren’t treated with the correct level of care.

Failure to inform – your medical professional may not have told you the potential dangers related to the treatment you were due to receive and therefore you didn’t know what was going to happen to you.

And more…

Essentially, there are a lot of instances that you could claim for. If your problem isn’t listed above as there’s a strong chance you can still clam back as the scope for damage caused by the NHS is so wide.

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