NHS Compensation Scheme

Since you were caused harm by someone working for the NHS, it means the NHS itself is who will be sued. No need to feel shamed when doing something like this. Whether by accident or not, if damage has been caused, someone will have to pay. It’s either going to be you through your damage or loss of income if you can’t work through a period of time, or you can sue the NHS to receive benefits from them.

Time stipulations

They have up to 4 months to investigate the situation to investigate and respond to the application we put forward. The NHS will either accept or deny responsibility at this point and this is where we either enter more negotiations and work or the case is resolved.

How much compensation could I receive?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to give concrete answers without knowing your situation. However, we can tell you that you will receive compensation according to two main factors.

Firstly is the actual harm you have received. So if this is the loss of a limb or the damaging of your ligaments for example, you are awarded compensation for the actual damaged incurred by the medical professional.

Secondly is the amount of loss that has occurred as a result of your harm. For example, expenses that have come as a result of your harm and or loss of income you have faced while you have been going through your pain and suffering.

Also you can check out our medical negligence calculator page on this website to see how much compensation you’re owed and the negligence claims time limit it takes depending on the injury you’ve sustained.

How much will it cost me to sue the NHS for medical negligence?

The short answer to this is: no money up front. Hiring a solicitor to fight your NHS medical negligence case would cost a lot and might not make sense for a lot of the things you might want to claim for.

This puts you in partnership with the team we can put you in contact with. If you do win the case, the other party will pay for your legal fees, you’ll get your compensation won and you will pay us a success fee. Therefore, the case will only cost you money if you win money anyway.

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