Medical Negligence Claim Process

Claiming for medical negligence isn’t something you might be familiar with. Thankfully, we are, and this is why we have found excellent local solicitors to put you in touch with.

Are your eligible for a negligence claim?

The first thing you need to do is see if you actually have a case that you can claim for. You can raise a claim if any staff member under the NHS failed to perform to the expected standard of care as set out for that type of medical professional. This failure to adhere to the required standard of care must also then cause you harm.

Without this first initial stipulation, you won’t have a case.

I think I’m eligible. Now what?

Now you can come straight to us if you like. Simply call our number to be put in touch with an excellent local law firm. Their services are no win no fee, so it won’t cost you a penny at first.

They are only paid on success of the claim, so they are effectively in partnership with you trying to win your case so that they can be paid as well as you. So feel free to come straight to them if you want a fast result as thry have dealt with endless medical claims as a result of negligence.

Or you can go to the NHS complaints process. They might direct you this way anyway while we work with you to see the NHS’ take on the situation.

When pursuing the NHS compensation claim…

– They must claim the NHS provided a below par level of service that led to your harm.

– Get assistance from an excellent medical negligence claims team of solicitors to build a strong case.

– Raise the complaint in ample time. Anything after three years won’t be considered and the longer you leave it, the less seriously your claim will be taken unless you have legitimate reason to delay your claim.

– You will be paid on successfully winning the claim.

– You cannot take back the payment or change anything once you accept the initial payment. Even if at a later date it is shown that your situation has worsened, the payment stands as the final measure taken an no further action can be taken after this point.

Ultimately, if you think you have a case, get in touch with us and we’ll quickly be able to put you in touch with the right team to tell you if you do and what the process is going to look like for your individual case.

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