Successful Claims Against The NHS

On this page we’ll have a look at what it takes to make successful claims against the NHS. People every single day are being wrongly treated by the NHS (albeit the majority is not on purpose of course), so it is likely you could be entitled to compensation if you think you are.

The team we work with has guided plenty of clients to successful cases at no upfront expense or much time invested at all from them. Without further ado, let’s have a look on how to successfully claim against the NHS for negligence.

Which criteria do I need to meet?

In order to be eligible to even be considered for compensation, you have to meet qualify for the criteria.

Firstly, as mentioned above, the medical professional carried out their role in an unsatisfactory manner, that of which would be considered below the acceptable standard by the industry. A third party medical professional will give their opinion as to whether they believe the medical professional acted as expected in accordance with the accepted standard of care within that field (be it dentistry, radiology, surgery etc.).

Secondly, your injury needs to be linked to your medical professional not doing their job to the correct standard of care. This means that if you were injured and the medical professional was acting as they should have, you will not be eligible to claim for NHS medical negligence as they acted as they should have.

Essentially, you’re going to need to have had her, caused against you via a medical professional that is part of the NHS’ staff. This could be through the failing to meet the minimum standard of care through that person’s profession. 

Starting your claim

Now that you know the grounds to start a claim, how do you actually get it started? Here are the options.

Firstly, if you think the NHS are not meeting the required standard of care that you think you are entitled to, you can go to the management team of the hospital.

Or, you could go straight to the NHS complaints team where they have to have a fair look into your case to see how the situation has been handled by the NHS so far.

We can help at this stage and converse with the NHS team as your solicitors working on your behalf.

Or you can just come straight to us and we can begin the case for you without having to go down these traditional routes.

From this point on, we can begin to see if you really are eligible for compensation (we will know), and if you are, we will pursue the compensation for you indefinitely.

our solicitor after successfully claiming for medical negligence