Hospital Negligence Claims

Visiting the hospital for some sort of medical attention is going to be required by everyone at some point in their lives.

What you expect is for your problem to be solved, your health to be cured… preferably with the least pain caused as possible.

However, it doesn’t always go as expected and hoped. Accidents can happen in the hospital just as they can happen anywhere.

Unfortunately, within a hospital, accidents can lead to dyer consequences. The amount of chronic injuries you can suffer is a massively long list. You may have had a life-changing situation or you might have sustained a short term injury.

Both short term small injuries and life-changing long term injuries both require more justice, more payback in the form of monetary compensation. It’s unfortunate these mistakes happen and lead to hospital negligence, but it’s just human nature to make mistakes.

If you’ve had harm caused to you within a hospital setting, you too might be eligible for a hospital negligence claim. Call us now to get put through to the team and make a claim.

Forms of claims for hospital negligence

As so much goes on in a hospital, it’s difficult to list every single possibility of what could constitute for a hospital negligence claim. However, we have listed the most common claims you might look to gain compensation for.

Again, as described, if you have had harm caused to you by something not found on this list, you are lies to have a case as harm is the main criteria. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to discuss any harm that has been caused by the NHS to see if it is worth pursuing a negligence claim for.

Here is a list of potential hospital negligence claims

Infections – If you pick up your infection within a hospital, an infection like MRSA, you can claim

Delay to act – If your doctor or surgeon delayed in dealing with you to the extent that it caused you harm

Misdiagnosis – Your doctor incorrectly diagnosed your problem so it caused you harm

Error in medication – Your medical professional prescribed you the wrong medication

Amputation – Error in your medical professions led to amputation

NHS negligence – The NHS deals with a large amount of the medical care in the North West – Manchester and the rest of the country. Naturally, many people need an NHS negligence claim

Negligence – A medical professional not meeting the level of care required

A&E negligence – You might not have been seen to in ample time meaning you were subject to harm

… And the list goes on with just about any kind of damage you can picture being inflicted within a hospital! As you can imagine, there are many, many more types of hospital negligence claims we deal with in Manchester. We’re sure they’re just as plentiful for every other solicitor in places like London too. 

If your damage accrued doesn’t appear on this list, it doesn’t matter. If you have been hit with unnecessary harm from within a hospital, just get in touch and they’ll quickly be able to evaluate if you have something worth pursuing. They’ve been through the medical negligence claims process thousands of times and are excellent at judging what will and won’t be valid for a claim. You have nothing to lose by asking!

When you call their team of solicitors, they will partner up with you, bringing the experience of all of their successful claims, to get the compensation you deserve. 

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