Clinical Negligence Cases

Let’s have a look at some typical clinical negligence cases.

Although we don’t want to go into too much detail with gruesome stories, there certainly have been many.

Solicitors we can put you in touch with have helped families claim compensation for clinical negligence leading to deaths, loss of cognitive function, loss of limbs, loss of sexual organs and so on.

At the same time, they’ve helped people claim just a couple of thousand for tissue damaged caused to their body.

So, the cases come in all different shapes and sizes, so if you’ve had harm caused to you by a medical professional, just get in touch, we’ll redirect your call to a local solicitor firm and we’ll be able to help with free advice at the very least.

How much can I win from a clinical negligence case?

The amount you can be compensated depends on the severity of the harm, pain and suffering that was inflicted on you.

The second factor that determines how much you can be paid is damage as a result of the negligence, for example, if you missed time off work and the negligence cost you income.

Then there is the factor of how much the team we recommend, as clinical negligence solicitors in the North West, can win for you. They’ll go for the maximum – always.

As you can imagine, a death or something extremely severe is going to pay out more than simply tissue damage or something to that degree.

You can expect to be paid in the low thousands if you suffer a low amount of damage with a fast recovery time. On the flip side, you can expect to claim anywhere in the region of six figures for brain damage, deaths, loss of limbs and so on. 

How long does a clinical negligence case take?

Usually, the low harm and fast recovery rate claims are much faster than the larger and more harmful claims.

This is because there is usually more to look into and consider for these larger claims. It’s harder to determine the overall impact the harm will have caused you and your family.

They have 3 months to do an investigation.

The solicitors we put you in touch with are in partnership with you, you can be sure that we will try and maximise the amount you claim. A large reason why we do this is for our own financial gain. However, another reason is because we feel the maximum payouts for loss of life and other life changing harm are massively undervalued by the compensation you can claim. Hundreds of thousands or millions will never replace a family member if they were to die due to negligence or have their life massively changed.

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