Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator

Suffered as a result of medical negligence? Sorry to hear.

It might not be all bad news though as the compensation you might be owed could make up for or at least act as a bandage for the damage you have suffered.

The legal firm we direct you to covers the whole spectrum – so if you have found yourself on this page after suffering a minor injury or something extremely severe, it’s likely we can help everyone across the scale of these two extremes.

Should I claim?

This is what most people find themselves asking. We can say early on during this page that it’s worth making contact with us at least due to our wealth of knowledge on the topic. You could spend a lot of time scratching your head or you could simply call the team we recommend (call our number to get redirected to them!) for quick, free, experienced advice on the difficulties you’re facing. They’re always happy to help.

We would also say that there is no shame in claiming. If damages have been wrongly inflicted on you, you deserve some sort of compensation. This is especially true if your working life has been affected and caused a loss of income, or if you’ve been inflicted significant life changing damage.

General medical negligence compensation calculator

Here is a general guide on what you could expect to win in a general case with the following injuries and results.

Brain injuries

Minor brain damage usually starts as low as £10,000. Payments for other types of brain damage can be as high as £250,000 depending on the severity. This top amount is usually for people who are unlikely to recover from the damage occurred during their time with a medical professional

Chest injuries

Chest injuries range from as little as £1,500 for mild damage to ribs, tissue etc. and as much as £200,000 for the removal of a lung as a result of negligence. Heart injuries can garner a similar top line.

Legs and feet

Leg and foot damage ranges from the low thousands (roughly £7,000) for small amounts of ligament damage. Charges can be as high as £500,000 and more for people that have to have their legs amputated.

The loss of one leg for example might only garner between £100,000 to £300,000 on average

Arms and hands

Arms and hands starts as low as £3,000 for tissue injury and as high as £400,000 for the loss of both hands. If you were unfortunate enough to lose both arms, you could possibly claim as much as £600,000 and more.

Other injuries

Generally, the amount you can be compensated fits into the low thousands to the two hundred thousands range depending on the extent of the injury and your own unique situation and how it has effected you.

These are all really general and we’ve seen cases where people have won lots more than the examples given above. Our team of negligence solicitors in Manchester will ALWAYS go for the maximum as we feel the payouts are good, but you deserve more than the maximum we could ever get. This is why we go for the most possible.

Fatal incidents

In the instance that someone you know has died as a result of medical negligence, there are also several ways you can claim for this. What you might be entitled for tends to vary drastically from cast to case so if you have been unfortunate enough for this to happen to you, get in touch with us and we’ll explain the situation more through a conversation. 

Of course, this information is not to be relied on and is simply a guide for your information. The information should not be taken literally – it is simply to give you an idea before the team can give you a professional assessment of the actual amount that could be claimed for.