Clinical Negligence North West

Clinical negligence claims, also known as medical negligence claims, are what we are known as being the best for in the North West.

Plenty of solicitors in Manchester and the surrounding areas involve themselves with multiple layers of law. The solicitors we put you in touch with simply stick with clinical negligence claims.

That is not to say that we don’t know other areas of law, we do know other areas and the overlap in knowledge helps, we simply wanted to pursue clinical negligence claims and other related areas of law.

This is to your benefit as the teams are completely on the ball when it comes to the industry. It’s always changing, the health sector is vast in the UK.

They’re up to date with legislation changes, have excellent contacts within the industry as well as hundreds of examples in successful claims.

That’s enough about the teams we recommend, let’s have a quick look into the process of making a claim with us if you’ve been unfortunate enough to be harmed by clinical negligence recently.

Who can make a clinical negligence claim?

You go to see a medical professional to get your problem cured. You hope to walk out scot-free and that they can fix your problem. Occasionally we’re disappointed and find out we’ll have to live with the problem we went to the hospital with.

What we don’t expect is to leave with a problem inflicted by the medical professional.

Anything could happen to you, from…

– Birth negligence

– Dental negligence

– Surgical errors

– Negligence

– Hospital negligence

– A&E negligence

– NHS negligence

– Incorrect diagnosis

– Wrongly prescribed medicine

And the list goes on and on. So long that we wouldn’t be able to list them all here, so above is simply a list of common claims we handle.

Is your problem not on this list? It doesn’t make your chances of winning a claim any less real. As already described, the amount of injuries and problems you could sustain within the health sector is a massive scope.

If you feel you’ve been unfairly wronged by anyone that is a medical professional, a team we put you in touch with will be able to tell you if it’s worth pursuing a compensation claim.

When do I make my clinical negligence claim?

We would say as soon as you are ready to. The faster the better.

The longer you leave your problem, the less severe the medical professional law team will portray your problem as.

This is simply our advice. You could leave your claim until several months after the damage took place (or after you found out about damages).

What you can’t do is wait longer than 3 years as your claim will be void after that time period.

You can make a clinical negligence claim within 3 years of finding about negligence. For example, if you were misdiagnosed 10 years ago, and you found out last month, you’d be within the 3 year window as you only just found out about the misdiagnosis last month.

Will I win a clinical negligence case?

We can’t speak for other solicitor’s track records in the North West, but we know the teams we recommend have exemplary results. 

As you are partnering up with a team we recommend (as you don’t pay them unless we win the case), they take on cases that they are certain you can win, sometimes including cases other solicitors don’t want to take the risk on.

If you’ve been caused harm within a medical setting – all you have to do is get in touch.

If you aren’t legible, it’ll cost you a quick phone call. If you are legible, you could win tens of or even hundreds of thousands of pounds at little to no effort to you. It’s unlikely you’ll even have to go to court, the majority of the clients never do.

Should you try and deal with your clinical negligence case by yourself?

Although we firmly believe we recommend the best medical negligence solicitors in Manchester, there are other reputable companies in the United Kingdom as you can find on the Legal500 list (a resource for reading about law). Legal 500 won’t be able to provide you with a team of solicitors, but legal 500 can list important information if you’re the type to want to deal with your own court case.

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