NHS Medical Negligence

We’re blessed to have the NHS in this country. Many other countries have to pay for all their healthcare and therefore can’t get the care they need. Almost anyone in England is eligible for medical care from the NHS. The NHS is the leading health organisation in the world in terms of public healthcare.

Across the thousands of procedures being carried out every single day by the NHS, they actually do an extremely good job considering the scale of the operation. However, you’re most likely reading this page because you have been one of the unfortunate few who have not had a good service from the NHS. This could be absolutely any type of service from the NHS, from birthing, surgery, diagnosis and so on.

Unfortunately, the NHS has people working for them and what do people do? Make mistakes. Even the best of in our fields make mistakes. It is simply human nature. Even more unfortunate is that negligence caused through the NHS is most likely to have impacted your health. A mistakes has been caused at the expense of your health.

Luckily, The-Medical-Negligence-Lawyers are here to help if you have had any trouble with the NHS. We have dealt with hundreds of different medical/clinical negligence cases that happened as a result of the NHS. From winning the low limit of small amounts of thousands to the high two hundred thousand plus mark, the team we work with have helped their clients to get the compensation they deserve.

Is it likely I could claim for medical negligence through the NHS?

Generally, you can claim if you have been subject to an unacceptable level of care by the NHS. This is entirely plausible for many different types of negligence, be they misdiagnosis or malpractice, a lot of things are claimable for.

You won’t be alone in trying to claim for NHS negligence as the NHS has a law team setup specifically for negligence claims. So many negligence cases arise simply due to the scale of the NHS operation.

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