No win no fee solicitors Manchester


We provide a no win no fee solicitors service in Manchester. All you need to do to speak to our expert team is get in touch to arrange your free phone or in person consultation to see how we can best suit you. 


After concluding hundreds of cases successfully for our clients, you can be sure to call us and receive a professional service from start to finish. Our team has vast experience, with almost 100 employees working under the banner. 


Let’s quickly go over no win no fee explained: we work on your compensation claim case at no fee to you UNTIL we win you money either through settlement or in court. Upon winning, we will take a percentage of the fee for our work in getting you the highest possible payout. In some cases, the opposing team will pay for our time working on the case. 


Types of no win no fee services provided: 


Accident and fall - when someone acted negligently towards you having some sort of accident, that at work or in any other place where someone had a duty of care over you, we can help.


Car and motor injuries - these are really serious cases that can have serious payouts. Deservedly so as you can get caught up in mess through no fault of your own. 


Business and commercial - you might want to contact us over business and commercial disputes on a no win no fee basis. This can be done, call us to find out to see if we can help! 


Medical negligence - been injured in a medical setting? There’s a good chance you can claim compensation against the medical practise in question. 


Serious injury - we deal with cases where there has been significant damages caused to an individual. Call us if this has happened to you or someone close to you.


No win no fee criminal lawyers - we can support you through a case. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and deserves legal representation. 



No win no fee solicitors near you! If you are based in Manchester, we are surely near you as we are based in the city centre. Simply call us to speak to one of our telephone operatives who can begin to process your case. We sometimes get nervous calls asking if we are cheap no win no fee solicitors… People are scared lawyers will cost them an arm and a leg. This isn’t he case though. As we explained, it’s not going to cost you a penny from start to finish. The only time we take a fee is when we have won you the money and we get a percentage of that. You never reach into your own pocket. 




Pulling out of a no win no fee - Should you change your mind about your claim, that’s fine. Sometimes we decide we don’t want the stress of a certain situation or perhaps it’s not the course of action you would like to take. Rest assured we will handle the situation as handsfree as possible for you. Our aim is to take away all the stress so you no longer have to worry. This is part of our job as solicitors. 


Employment law fees - Do you want to make a claim against your employers? We have been involved in endless worker vs. Employer claims an been successful for our claims. We look to take a rational and objective perspective on the situation and get you the best possible outcome. As employment law solicitors you can come to us for free advice absolutely. The only time you will pay for our services is when we actually win you money in court due to the damages you have suffered. 


Best no win no fee solicitors Manchester - who is the very best team of solicitors you can contact? We would put ourselves in that bracket! When you contact us we can give you the best possible advice after completing hundreds of different cases from employment law, accident and injury, medical negligence, housing, car problems and more.