Making A Medical Negligence Claim With Us

I assume it is the same for everyone, but I often go on websites and am left scratching my head as to how the service would work.

It’s unsurprising what with the world generally being behind on technology and getting their ideas across clearly through technology. Not to mention that there is no human to human interaction, just written text and contact details.

This is pretty standard for websites these days. I expect as we become more and more technological, someone will step out of our laptop wearing a suit and sell their services to us!

All jokes aside – it is important that serious medical negligence solicitors in Manchester like us let you know how our process would work now that you have landed here. It’s a pain when you get to a website and have no idea how things are going to work.

Although there are other great medical negligence lawyers around the area – each of us have our own no win no fee processes that slightly differ.

Each company is based in a different part of the city, different ethos’, strengths, expertise, people and more. So, let’s have a look at how we do things.

How it works

The way this process normally starts is that you will contact us through our easy to find contact form. I’m unsure whether or not we will have our number up on the website by the time you read this. So let’s assume it’s just the contact form there.

You will fill the contact form with your details, generally just requiring name, number and email to get the ball rolling. Sometimes, one of our lawyers will just call you back quickly if we have time. However, if we do not have time, one of our admin staff will reply to you to get a feel for your case.

You don’t have to go into great detail here, but it would help if you give details on the damages, injury or accident you have suffered as a result of and why the other party acted negligently towards you. Just email us back on the address that we send from.

We use this contact form to weed out any time wasters and fakes. Often our solicitors are pouring their hours into genuine cases that require a lot of their time. So, this allows us to screen enquiries so our solicitors aren’t simply taking calls all day. As much as we would like to speak to you if all the cases were genuine, it’s better for our workflow for admin to weed out anyone that is trying to ‘pull a fast one’ over the system.

However, if you have a genuine case, you will definitely get a call back from one of our solicitors. Usually this is within a day so you aren’t scratching your head waiting to see what happens. We always get back to people within a day or they would simply go elsewhere!

Also, the email response, confirming we have your initial email will be responded to quickly.

Or, if we don’t call you, we might give you the mobile number of our solicitor to call. All legal advice given from our team is totally free. This is what it means to be a no win no fee service. You will not induce any fees until we actually win your claim.

People normally get in touch because they genuinely are not sure whether they have a case or not. This is totally understandable. Most people did not study law (we do not blame them!).

If you have an inclination that you have been harmed in a medical setting as a result of someone else not living up to their duty of care, you probably have a claim. Never feel embarrassed and we have never felt negatively towards someone for simply enquiring. This is part of our service so go ahead.

You need negligence

This is the most important part for your claim to actually work. Someone needs to be responsible for your damages – other than yourself. If you were in a clinic and the surgeon slips with their sharp equipment causing you injury, they acted negligently, or against their duty of care.

If you are in a hospital and you slip because their cleaning team did not put up a sign or remove the puddle of water – the hospital broke their duty of care. If your dentists pulls out the wrong tooth they have breached their medical duty of care over you.

Do you see the common theme in all of these examples? Someone ELSE was responsible for the damage to the person trying to claim. You cannot claim if you were injured in a medical setting but it was your fault. Yes, you were on someone else’s property, but you harmed yourself. You cannot claim against yourself!

So this is the main deciding factor in whether you will have a genuine medical case. We can look into cases other than medical, it’s simply that there are so many of these that we decided to specialise in medical. Feel free to let us know of any other sorts of personal injuries. Remember, if there’s a blame, there’s a claim! We will certainly look at any non-medical injuries, perhaps pointing you to other associates we know who specialise in that type on injury and sector.

Sometimes the lines between who is responsible and who is not is blurred, so never feel embarrassed to approach us about your case. We have seen it all. You would not believe some of the stories we have heard about the medical world since being in this profession.

All cases are genuine only

We will never even consider looking at a case that does not seem genuine. That is not in anyone’s best interests so please keep anything fake away from us. We do not want to be involved. Nor should any other legal firm. Shame on anyone that is trying to do this to the system.

If you want money, be of value. Don’t steal. It will probably be harder to make money dishonestly like this rather than honestly. Sure you might make money faster if you can somehow pull the veil over someone’s eyes – but it won’t last forever. Please keep any fake claims away from our company!

If you have a medical claim worth making

If you have a case, we will collect the relevant evidence and submit it to the opposing team (be that the NHS legal team, a private company’s legal team and so on).

They will have 30 days in which to deny or accept negligent actions against their responsibilities that led to your damage. They can choose to extend this period to 90 days if they want to gather their own evidence etc. If nothing can be settled within this time, a court case will occur.

We win 90-95% of all medical negligence claims we make. We will take on any case that we think has at least a 30% chance of winning. Those are great numbers! Our ethos is to keep pushing the case even if the other side are delaying and wanting to go to court. If you justly deserve compensation, we will fight tooth and nail to get it for you.

If the other side accepts responsibility you can usually be paid quickly.

Everything is taken case by case, but hopefully this gives you a better feel for getting in touch, the process, cases we take on, win rate and so on. Thank you for reading this week.

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